Her Plumage

It’s that time of year again! Quail Bell Magazine is set to roll out its newest anthology, Her Plumage. It’s an anthology of women’s writers and will be released by Emma Eden Ramos‘ Eudaimonia this summer. As an anthology done for charity, all of the proceeds will go to She is Rising, an organization that supports survivors of human trafficking … More Her Plumage

The End of Winter

Oh my Goddess, have I been away. That hiatus was entirely unplanned and way longer than it should have been. To make a long year short, my beau and I moved into my parents’ house a year ago while we made renovations on his mother’s home, which is now ours. It required a full gutting … More The End of Winter

100 Rejections

So, I’ve finally committed. I’m going to get this goddamn novel published. I set it on the back burner, tidied it up, sent it off to a beta reader, tidied it up some more, and now it is officially ready to get out there and meet some agents. I’ve already sent it out to the … More 100 Rejections


Walter loved Halloween more than any other day. He loved the kids running up and down the street, the spooky music humming from hidden speakers, the fake spiderwebs crawling across his neighbor’s porches, the carved pumpkins that grinned at him as he passed by on the street. He especially loved that he could throw out … More Halloween