The Chosen One

The old man, who had lived too many long years to see the prophecy fulfilled, reached his hand out to her, palm wrinkled and waiting. “You are the chosen one,” he informed her, “and the fate of the world rests in your hands.” Those words hung between them;¬†a crescendo of anticipation vibrated in the silence–like … More The Chosen One


Walter loved Halloween more than any other day. He loved the kids running up and down the street, the spooky music humming from hidden speakers, the fake spiderwebs crawling across his neighbor’s porches, the carved pumpkins that grinned at him as he passed by on the street. He especially loved that he could throw out … More Halloween


The phone is ringing and she answers “Hello?” The pre-recorded voice congratulating her on her free cruise to the Bahamas is the first voice she’s heard since the end of the world. She hangs up mid-sentence.


Everything is falling apart. That’s what they’re saying, as corporations break apart and billionaires find their vaults have been emptied¬†– as priests and preachers are pulled from their pulpits for demanding the deportation of God (He was wearing a face they didn’t recognize) – as the police are disbanded by children wearing flowers in their … More Revolution

Cream, Two Sugars

She has held corporations in the palm of her hand and refused dinner with the most powerful of men. They end up across the conference table, hands shaking as they attempt to sip their coffee, as strong and black as they thought themselves to be. She prefers hers laced with sugar and cream, every bit … More Cream, Two Sugars


She had the air of someone who only drank red wine and was at home in graveyards, the kind of girl with winged eyeliner sharper than the blades it was rumored she hid in her combat boots. More than one man had decided to ignore the whispers that followed her like smoke, to see for … More Red