Book Review: Love_Is_Love

I am not dying today not even if you murder me, watch me grow wings. Head over to Quail Bell Magazine to check out my book review of Love_is_Love: An Anthology for LGBTQIA+ Teens, edited by Emma Eden Ramos, and with original art (featured above) by Natascha Woolf. Read it here!


The girl placed her hand against the mirror and began to push – push as if she could shatter her way through the looking glass and into another world. Stop this, the other girl begged, her face staring in reverse, her hand pressing against an identical palm with just as much force, stop this – you … More Mirror


The phone is ringing and she answers “Hello?” The pre-recorded voice congratulating her on her free cruise to the Bahamas is the first voice she’s heard since the end of the world. She hangs up mid-sentence.

Black Widow

It was his smile that caught her attention as he asked to buy her a drink. It was his hands she held in hers as he recited his eternal vows. It was his ankles that she gripped as she dragged him to his grave.


Everything is falling apart. That’s what they’re saying, as corporations break apart and billionaires find their vaults have been emptied – as priests and preachers are pulled from their pulpits for demanding the deportation of God (He was wearing a face they didn’t recognize) – as the police are disbanded by children wearing flowers in their … More Revolution