Of Deadlines and the Undead

I woke up this morning, discovered it was April, and promptly flattened my face into the pillow. Seriously, Time, can’t a girl catch a break? I’ve been rambling forward for weeks now, a zombie only surviving through caffeine and Archer reruns as I balance school and work and editing this 200 page manuscript that reallyContinue reading “Of Deadlines and the Undead”

A First Look at “The Many Adventures of Fangirl”

Novel: The Many Adventures of Fangirl Synopsis: My name is Imogen Goforth. I’m an average, semi-adult that suffers through being average and ignores being an adult at all times . I sublimate my ambition to be a warlock/pop singer/superhero by burying myself in my fandoms. Doctor Who, Zedd!, Star Wars, Teen Wolf, Prime: you nameContinue reading “A First Look at “The Many Adventures of Fangirl””

Overusing Commas and Other Editing Woes

Halfway through the second draft of The Midnight Tide. I tend to be overly lyrical with my description, and run-on sentences are littered throughout my prose. It’s been cathartic to cut them down (though it hurts my soul to do so) because I recognize that it’s easy to get lost among the adverbs and the adjectives andContinue reading “Overusing Commas and Other Editing Woes”

The Beautiful Masochism

Writing is painful. It’s like dragging yourself across hot coals or yanking at thorned vines interlaced in your skin. It’s flaying your soul open and poking at mottled bruises to remember what the ache feels like. It’s staring at a computer screen or blank sheet of notebook paper and seeing the story unfold in yourContinue reading “The Beautiful Masochism”