To Those Who Hate My Mother For Her Choice

I am the child that was never born a fledgling bird nestled in the egg of my mother’s womb whose flight feathers hadn’t even grown in before I was returned to the earth my mother’s choice had me fading back into the sky the carbon of my cells once more turned into stars bones exhaledContinue reading “To Those Who Hate My Mother For Her Choice”

It’s the Final Countdown (Doodle Ooo Doo)

So I have finished my third draft. My beta reader (aka my long suffering older sister) has finally finished it and given me the last few tweaks. After this, I think I’ll have it ready to go. I’m sorta slightly terrified. I’ve been working on this thing for so long that it doesn’t feel real.Continue reading “It’s the Final Countdown (Doodle Ooo Doo)”

How Life Happens and Mucks Up Your To-Do List

It’s the beginning of May now. I had hoped to be finished with my third draft at the end of April. Sadly, that is not the case. I do have to factor in how it was finals week, that I’m officially graduating from grad school (!!!), and that I recently quit my job (!!!). AllContinue reading “How Life Happens and Mucks Up Your To-Do List”

The Query Letter and Not Sounding Like an Egoist

I have officially sent off my manuscript to a professional editor, a creative writing professor and friend of my sister’s (thanks, Cari!). Now that it’s sent, I’m almost not sure what to do with myself. I have three or so other novels that I need to outline, setting up scenes like stills from a cinematicContinue reading “The Query Letter and Not Sounding Like an Egoist”

A First Look at “The Many Adventures of Fangirl”

Novel: The Many Adventures of Fangirl Synopsis: My name is Imogen Goforth. I’m an average, semi-adult that suffers through being average and ignores being an adult at all times . I sublimate my ambition to be a warlock/pop singer/superhero by burying myself in my fandoms. Doctor Who, Zedd!, Star Wars, Teen Wolf, Prime: you nameContinue reading “A First Look at “The Many Adventures of Fangirl””