Drowning Slowly (The Millennial Trap)

As I wait for responses from the queries I’ve sent, real life continues to happen around me. There’s laundry and groceries and the occasional shift at the bakery. It’s nice to distract myself by diving into my writing, starting up on other half-formed manuscripts. But, I can’t always ignore reality and I certainly can’t ignoreContinue reading “Drowning Slowly (The Millennial Trap)”

How Life Happens and Mucks Up Your To-Do List

It’s the beginning of May now. I had hoped to be finished with my third draft at the end of April. Sadly, that is not the case. I do have to factor in how it was finals week, that I’m officially graduating from grad school (!!!), and that I recently quit my job (!!!). AllContinue reading “How Life Happens and Mucks Up Your To-Do List”