Should I Stay (Or Should I Run?)

It feels like I’ve been treading water in the sea of a quarter-life crisis for two years now. Desperate to keep my chin above water, but oh so curious to see what lays beneath the surface, a grand vastness that holds too many possibilities to fathom. But, neither do I swim to shore, the safetyContinue reading “Should I Stay (Or Should I Run?)”

Starbucks Would Probably Look Classier on a Resume

Sometimes, I am amazed by my life. There were times when blackness threatened to swallow me whole and anger tore through my bones like blunted knives. I have memories of sobbing in the daylight and laughing in the dark. And, there are times when the utter absurdity of my circumstances make it impossible to doContinue reading “Starbucks Would Probably Look Classier on a Resume”

Picking Out Curtains on a Budget

So I’ve been in Denver for two weeks now. I’ve been in my house for one. It’s small, old, and facing a huge park that features two ponds and a lot of geese. I’ve been getting used to the thinner air and the hardwood floors, had some delicious beer and some good times. That beingContinue reading “Picking Out Curtains on a Budget”

Is it Joy Division Gloomy or Nick Cave Gloomy?

Things are coming to a head. I am facing down decisions in just a few weeks and I am not nearly prepared enough to know what to do. Avoidance is no longer an option, but it was nice while it lasted. And, my future is looking particularly gloomy (like Morrissey gloomy). I am not gainfullyContinue reading “Is it Joy Division Gloomy or Nick Cave Gloomy?”

Another Year Older (Still Just as Wise)

I am officially twenty six years old today! My Facebook hasn’t been this busy for months, my phone constantly bombarded with notifications. So far, I received a set of Sherlock-themed tea from my best friend, Kate, complete with fanart decorating each tin. From Danielle and Payton, I received a six-pack of strawberry beer, a beautifulContinue reading “Another Year Older (Still Just as Wise)”

Drowning Slowly (The Millennial Trap)

As I wait for responses from the queries I’ve sent, real life continues to happen around me. There’s laundry and groceries and the occasional shift at the bakery. It’s nice to distract myself by diving into my writing, starting up on other half-formed manuscripts. But, I can’t always ignore reality and I certainly can’t ignoreContinue reading “Drowning Slowly (The Millennial Trap)”