An Intersection and a Choice

My work life has changed drastically. I’m somewhat unemployed at the moment and it’s both liberating and terrifying. I find myself in the unique position of determining how I want to start anew. When I first decided to enter mental health as a profession, the wounds from my childhood were still bearing stitches. The memoriesContinue reading “An Intersection and a Choice”

Stopping to Smell the Rose City

For the last five days, I was soaked in the smell of roses and wind coming up the Willamette River. I feasted on marionberry pie and drowned my sorrows in Kell’s Irish Red. I walked no less than three bridges connecting the two halves of the city, and my feet are aching even as myContinue reading “Stopping to Smell the Rose City”

The Other Side of Someday

So, for the first time in a long time, I am single. When T and I first broke up, I was on my way to grad school and a host of new possibilities. He simply didn’t see us as one of them. So, I walked away. For two years, I answered only to myself, imaginingContinue reading “The Other Side of Someday”

Should I Stay (Or Should I Run?)

It feels like I’ve been treading water in the sea of a quarter-life crisis for two years now. Desperate to keep my chin above water, but oh so curious to see what lays beneath the surface, a grand vastness that holds too many possibilities to fathom. But, neither do I swim to shore, the safetyContinue reading “Should I Stay (Or Should I Run?)”