The Intern

I’m applying to be an intern at RVA Mag, a super cool publication about arts and community in Richmond.Admittedly, I’m probably the only one that isn’t in college (and hasn’t been for awhile) but they said that wasn’t a requirement. I’ve been floundering for awhile as far as future-type things. Unsure if I’m stagnating or … More The Intern

Feeling Foggy

Here’s a fun game. Am I just in a rut or is this depression? Motivation has been bleeding from me for some time. Not all at once, like arterial spray. Just a slow, sluggish leak that I barely notice until I look down and see all the blood. But, I can’t tell what caused me … More Feeling Foggy


The beau and I are getting a house! He and I have been talking about moving in together for some time, and while we’ve been sorting out our finances, we’ve started looking around for properties to rent. We were hoping to move in March when I found the most perfect house in the history of … More Yours-Mine-And

memos to me

I’m trying to organize my life. It’s going rather poorly. I’m trying to write every day. I’m failing rather spectacularly. How is it that I can sit and plan and write reminders and yet hours/days/weeks will pass and I have yet to strike through one thing on my to-do list? Writing feels as naturally as … More memos to me

Rolling the Dice

I find myself in between spaces. I left my full-time job in the beginning of September. It was a matter of survival, both professionally and personally. It was like working in a burning building, and it was only a matter of time before I caught fire with it. The constant stress and frustration was taking … More Rolling the Dice


Why does creativity only spark when it’s the middle of the night and I’m alone? I set up sections during my day, small spots of quiet where I can curl up in front of my computer and let these words pour forth. But, I sit here and am distracted as a cat, my attention flicking back … More Salem

Two Pearls

I have two memories about my first boyfriend that I keep. Two pearls, bright and unsullied, tucked away where they cannot be darkened by poison. It’s prom night. I’m wearing a bright pink gown that my friend M let me borrow, something much girlier than I would normally wear. M and L are juniors, and … More Two Pearls


I seem to be slipping into grayspace. The kind of place where I fall into stories that aren’t my own only to realize that hours have passed. Where I make tea and my first sip is warm and sweet and the second is stale and cold. I sit down at the computer and stare at … More Undertow