The Intern

I’m applying to be an intern at RVA Mag, a super cool publication about arts and community in Richmond.Admittedly, I’m probably the only one that isn’t in college (and hasn’t been for awhile) but they said that wasn’t a requirement. I’ve been floundering for awhile as far as future-type things. Unsure if I’m stagnating orContinue reading “The Intern”

Twenty twenty twenty four hours ago

I have to have music playing. There’s something about silence that can be wonderful. A gorgeous stillness that rings like a bell inside your chest. The kind that speaks so you don’t have to. But that kind of silence is a rare thing. Most of the time, silence to me screams of boredom. It fillsContinue reading “Twenty twenty twenty four hours ago”

memos to me

I’m trying to organize my life. It’s going rather poorly. I’m trying to write every day. I’m failing rather spectacularly. How is it that I can sit and plan and write reminders and yet hours/days/weeks will pass and I have yet to strike through one thing on my to-do list? Writing feels as naturally asContinue reading “memos to me”

The Sounds of Settling

I have had this job for a week and a half now. Things are going pretty well, actually. I no longer have the threat of piling up debts cluttering up my head. I no longer have to decided between groceries and gas. I no longer have to swallow the gravel of guilt when I noticeContinue reading “The Sounds of Settling”

Two Pearls

I have two memories about my first boyfriend that I keep. Two pearls, bright and unsullied, tucked away where they cannot be darkened by poison. It’s prom night. I’m wearing a bright pink gown that my friend M let me borrow, something much girlier than I would normally wear. M and L are juniors, andContinue reading “Two Pearls”