Just Cream, No Sugar

I’m slowly sinking back into the groove. I finally got a full-time job. Before-me would be thrilled at the hours (2-1030pm) because mornings by myself are the best time to be creative. I get to sit in my kitchen, sipping coffee and listening to my cat purr next to me, and words pour out likeContinue reading “Just Cream, No Sugar”

Two Pearls

I have two memories about my first boyfriend that I keep. Two pearls, bright and unsullied, tucked away where they cannot be darkened by poison. It’s prom night. I’m wearing a bright pink gown that my friend M let me borrow, something much girlier than I would normally wear. M and L are juniors, andContinue reading “Two Pearls”

The Edge of the End

I think I’m on the brink of an ending. I’ve loved him since I was nineteen and thought I was broken beyond repair. I was starved for affection, gutted by abuse, so the touch of his hand was like a blessing. Even when those hands refused to touch me in public, I had long sinceContinue reading “The Edge of the End”