The Edge of the End

I think I’m on the brink of an ending. I’ve loved him since I was nineteen and thought I was broken beyond repair. I was starved for affection, gutted by abuse, so the touch of his hand was like a blessing. Even when those hands refused to touch me in public, I had long sinceContinue reading “The Edge of the End”

If Marriage Isn’t For Me, Whose Is It?

My response to this article, Marriage Isn’t For You (also seen on Tumblr & Minus The Box) “You don’t marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone else happy” I’ve heard many things about love.  How it’s a many-splendored thing, some twisting miasma of color and light that seems to reside between the spaces ofContinue reading “If Marriage Isn’t For Me, Whose Is It?”