An Intersection and a Choice

My work life has changed drastically. I’m somewhat unemployed at the moment and it’s both liberating and terrifying. I find myself in the unique position of determining how I want to start anew. When I first decided to enter mental health as a profession, the wounds from my childhood were still bearing stitches. The memoriesContinue reading “An Intersection and a Choice”

A Modest Celebration

So. It finally happened. The infinitesimally tiny spark of hope. I got my first reply of interest in my novel. ::confetti:: Naturally, I’m trying not to get too worked up in a dizzying whirl of giddiness. The agent merely stated that she was intrigued and requested the entire manuscript. It’s nowhere close to being signedContinue reading “A Modest Celebration”

The Other Side of Someday

So, for the first time in a long time, I am single. When T and I first broke up, I was on my way to grad school and a host of new possibilities. He simply didn’t see us as one of them. So, I walked away. For two years, I answered only to myself, imaginingContinue reading “The Other Side of Someday”

Raise It Up (This Offering)

Sometimes I just don’t know when to quit. The thing is, I’m usually pretty good at reading people. I’m able to take a glance and visualize a person’s history, see flickers of emotion coloring their face and translate those brief glimpses into a wealth of information. Even the slightest hitch of a breath or stutterContinue reading “Raise It Up (This Offering)”