A Modest Celebration

So. It finally happened. The infinitesimally tiny spark of hope. I got my first reply of interest in my novel. ::confetti:: Naturally, I’m trying not to get too worked up in a dizzying whirl of giddiness. The agent merely stated that she was intrigued and requested the entire manuscript. It’s nowhere close to being signedContinue reading “A Modest Celebration”

Metaphors, Metaphors Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)

I sent out nearly twenty queries mid-March. I’ve gotten four rejections so far. Having a rejection is nicely concrete, actually. I recognize that I’m not always the best at self-marketing. I have moments of ramped-up energy, where my fingers spill like lava across the keyboard and smears of magma come away from the computer screen.Continue reading “Metaphors, Metaphors Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)”

The Mental State of a Continually Rejected Writer

Good news: I’m sending out more query letters than ever before. Bad news: I’m getting rejections faster and faster. I’m not naive; I recognize that I’m going to be rejected a hundred times over before I receive my first “yes.” I’ve read the tales of respected authors gritting through the pile of rejection letters andContinue reading “The Mental State of a Continually Rejected Writer”

I Feel an Inspirational Disney Song Coming On

I have officially sent out my first query letter to a literary agent. I’m casually freaking out about it. I’ve been working on this novel for such a long time. I’ve written and edited and screamed at it and ignored it and let others critique it for so long that it’s almost too daunting toContinue reading “I Feel an Inspirational Disney Song Coming On”