Another Hope Metaphor

So, those two possibilities of representation turned into two more rejections. Sigh. I know that’s the reality of things. I’m not surprised or shocked and I’m certainly not angry. It’s a simple brush of resignation, a gray-stained sense of acknowledgement, before it’s pushed away. It’s something I’ve felt many times at this point, but everyContinue reading “Another Hope Metaphor”

Metaphors, Metaphors Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)

I sent out nearly twenty queries mid-March. I’ve gotten four rejections so far. Having a rejection is nicely concrete, actually. I recognize that I’m not always the best at self-marketing. I have moments of ramped-up energy, where my fingers spill like lava across the keyboard and smears of magma come away from the computer screen.Continue reading “Metaphors, Metaphors Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)”

The Mental State of a Continually Rejected Writer

Good news: I’m sending out more query letters than ever before. Bad news: I’m getting rejections faster and faster. I’m not naive; I recognize that I’m going to be rejected a hundred times over before I receive my first “yes.” I’ve read the tales of respected authors gritting through the pile of rejection letters andContinue reading “The Mental State of a Continually Rejected Writer”

Being an Adult and Other Things I Avoid

So, it’s been a crazy few weeks. I finished my third draft. I quit my miserable, soul-sucking job and started a new one at a pasty shop (that’s not a typo, it’s actually pasty. Look it up). And I graduated from my Master’s program with a 3.9 GPA. Boo yah, bitches. As such, my life has beenContinue reading “Being an Adult and Other Things I Avoid”