Going Back to Basics

I finished my first novel about two years ago. I had a professional editor look at it, cried as I cut away the fat, and trimmed it up to a respectable manuscript. Then, I started vying for literary agents, presenting my lovely novel with my first query letter, then a shiny new improved one whenContinue reading “Going Back to Basics”

Metaphors, Metaphors Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)

I sent out nearly twenty queries mid-March. I’ve gotten four rejections so far. Having a rejection is nicely concrete, actually. I recognize that I’m not always the best at self-marketing. I have moments of ramped-up energy, where my fingers spill like lava across the keyboard and smears of magma come away from the computer screen.Continue reading “Metaphors, Metaphors Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)”

The More Things Change

This has been a long transitional period for me, filled with various upheavals while I’m trying to keep steady on my feet. A new city, a new job, a new direction. Questioning my writing, my religion, my relationships, my identity. It feels like the ocean is rolling beneath me and I’m trying desperately to stayContinue reading “The More Things Change”

On Why Finishing a Project is My Fatal Flaw

I have never had a problem coming up with new ideas. I’ll stumble out of dreams and hastily jot down the last wisps of a REM cycle, or see an image and have a story unfurl before my eyes, or hear a song verse and can hear my characters singing along before they’re even born.Continue reading “On Why Finishing a Project is My Fatal Flaw”

Shameless Self-Promotion Time!

I have had a rough few weeks. I’m vacating my apartment by the 31st, still don’t have a real job, and I’m seriously contemplating moving to Denver for my next big adventure. Which, obviously, I will let you guys in on all the details. However, I have some awesome author stuff to announce. One: IContinue reading “Shameless Self-Promotion Time!”

It’s the Final Countdown (Doodle Ooo Doo)

So I have finished my third draft. My beta reader (aka my long suffering older sister) has finally finished it and given me the last few tweaks. After this, I think I’ll have it ready to go. I’m sorta slightly terrified. I’ve been working on this thing for so long that it doesn’t feel real.Continue reading “It’s the Final Countdown (Doodle Ooo Doo)”

How Life Happens and Mucks Up Your To-Do List

It’s the beginning of May now. I had hoped to be finished with my third draft at the end of April. Sadly, that is not the case. I do have to factor in how it was finals week, that I’m officially graduating from grad school (!!!), and that I recently quit my job (!!!). AllContinue reading “How Life Happens and Mucks Up Your To-Do List”

The Query Letter and Not Sounding Like an Egoist

I have officially sent off my manuscript to a professional editor, a creative writing professor and friend of my sister’s (thanks, Cari!). Now that it’s sent, I’m almost not sure what to do with myself. I have three or so other novels that I need to outline, setting up scenes like stills from a cinematicContinue reading “The Query Letter and Not Sounding Like an Egoist”