I’ve only been able to complete NaNoWriMo once. Most of the time, I start off strong. Banging out a thousand or so words a day. But, then I have an assignment due, or work gets difficult, or I simply forget. Suddenly, it’s the middle of November and I only have 4000 words and the thoughtContinue reading “Whodunit”



It’s been a month. More than a month, actually. What’s terrifying is that, when I forget to write, it’s like a flower wilting. It’s not just forgotten; it becomes desiccated from disuse. It curls up and shrivels and it becomes that much harder to begin again. Like a paralyzed limb succumbing to muscular atrophy. IContinue reading “Atrophy”

On Why Finishing a Project is My Fatal Flaw

I have never had a problem coming up with new ideas. I’ll stumble out of dreams and hastily jot down the last wisps of a REM cycle, or see an image and have a story unfurl before my eyes, or hear a song verse and can hear my characters singing along before they’re even born.Continue reading “On Why Finishing a Project is My Fatal Flaw”

Put Your Lips Together and Blow

I’ve always wanted to smoke. I know it’s a ridiculous thing to desire; I am more than aware of the harmful consequences of picking up such a habit. That’s why I’ve never picked up a cigarette in my life. There are no stories of me as a rebellious thirteen-year-old hacking my lungs after my firstContinue reading “Put Your Lips Together and Blow”