Stumbling to Catch Up

So, as most of everyone knows, NaNoWriMo started six days ago. Like a dingus, just today is when I finally got around to writing. Luckily, my world-building is pretty much completed. Without further ado, a summary: A futuristic, crime-ridden city. Taeje is the center of the Heon nation, a landscape choked with pollution and smoke butContinue reading “Stumbling to Catch Up”

When Giving Up is Getting It Right

My life has been one upheaval after another these last two and a half months. Learning a new city, a new house, and accepting two new jobs almost entirely at the same time. On top of that, those two jobs coincided with the beginning of November, which I decided in a fit of insanity toContinue reading “When Giving Up is Getting It Right”

An Unwilling Addict

Sometimes, I wonder if I was meant to be a writer. There are days like today when I sit down in front of my computer, staring at the blank cage, fingers hovering over the keys, and there’s nothing. No flutter in the back of my mind, no knotting in my gut, no tingle that runsContinue reading “An Unwilling Addict”

Fond Farewell to Food Service

Yesterday, I put in my two weeks notice at Little India. This came on the heels of a second job proposal, a 20-hour overnight position that fits in perfectly with my first job. That being said, it’s insanity to work about 50 hours a week and try to be a waitress/delivery driver. I’ll be workingContinue reading “Fond Farewell to Food Service”

Twelve Hour Days and Making it Work

I have recently started training at my new job (I’m so glad I can finally say that!). It’s been an incredible experience, and the organization has been great at making the new hires feel welcome and supported. That’s not something I can say at every place I’ve worked. What has made this week so difficultContinue reading “Twelve Hour Days and Making it Work”