There’s this terrible thing that happens when you get a job. You get tired. After 8 hours of mindless grinding, getting home and having the will to write seems nigh impossible. Any inch of creativity has been snipped short; all motivation dried up and cracked like a salted desert. So, it becomes another evening ofContinue reading


An Unwilling Addict

Sometimes, I wonder if I was meant to be a writer. There are days like today when I sit down in front of my computer, staring at the blank cage, fingers hovering over the keys, and there’s nothing. No flutter in the back of my mind, no knotting in my gut, no tingle that runsContinue reading “An Unwilling Addict”

Spinning Wheels and Choking on Dust

I’m playing the waiting game and I hate it. I haven’t heard back from any agents (it takes 6-8 weeks, my rational brain reminds me) and I can’t seem to drum up any enthusiasm to write. Which is the most frustrating and the most frightening. I have so many unfinished ideas that don’t seem toContinue reading “Spinning Wheels and Choking on Dust”