100 Rejections

So, I’ve finally committed. I’m going to get this goddamn novel published. I set it on the back burner, tidied it up, sent it off to a beta reader, tidied it up some more, and now it is officially ready to get out there and meet some agents. I’ve already sent it out to the … More 100 Rejections

Another Hope Metaphor

So, those two possibilities of representation turned into two more rejections. Sigh. I know that’s the reality of things. I’m not surprised or shocked and I’m certainly not angry. It’s a simple brush of resignation, a gray-stained sense of acknowledgement, before it’s pushed away. It’s something I’ve felt many times at this point, but every … More Another Hope Metaphor

A Modest Celebration

So. It finally happened. The infinitesimally tiny spark of hope. I got my first reply of interest in my novel. ::confetti:: Naturally, I’m trying not to get too worked up in a dizzying whirl of giddiness. The agent merely stated that she was intrigued and requested the entire manuscript. It’s nowhere close to being signed … More A Modest Celebration

The Mental State of a Continually Rejected Writer

Good news: I’m sending out more query letters than ever before. Bad news: I’m getting rejections faster and faster. I’m not naive; I recognize that I’m going to be rejected a hundred times over before I receive my first “yes.” I’ve read the tales of respected authors gritting through the pile of rejection letters and … More The Mental State of a Continually Rejected Writer