Oh, the Webs We Weave (With Words and Ink)

I have received my manuscript from the editor!

I am equal parts excited and terrified, like that part of the roller coaster when you see how far that drop is before gravity kicks in. She gave me some incredible feedback, and I was  surprised and pleased to see so little corrections of a spelling/grammatical nature. It’s practically clean enough to be published now, which makes me deliriously happy.

The most critical part of her feedback was in ensuring that my work stands alone, without too much parallel with other influential works. As a fantasy novel with witches and vampires and whatnot, it’s impossible to completely separate it from everything else on the market. Ideas don’t exist in a vacuum. But, it wouldn’t do to have a Cassandra Clare fiasco on my hands (for those of you in the Harry Potter Livejournal fandom, you’ll know what I mean).

Regardless, as soon as this was put in my head, these little threads spun off into directions I had never thought of before. Now, I’m just trying to keep the web under control, weaving it into something even more my own, using words to keep it spread between my ink-stained fingers. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of April, a tangled web ready to catch the imagination of agents and publishers alike.

I can hardly wait.

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