Fond Farewell to Food Service

Yesterday, I put in my two weeks notice at Little India. This came on the heels of a second job proposal, a 20-hour overnight position that fits in perfectly with my first job. That being said, it’s insanity to work about 50 hours a week and try to be a waitress/delivery driver. I’ll be workingContinue reading “Fond Farewell to Food Service”

Success is Just a Story (Until It Happens to You)

I’ll try to keep the anticipation brief: I have finally secured a job. Not just a “make ends meet in the meantime” kind of job, but an actual real live big girl job. Despite my calm and cool text-persona, I am, in fact, a giddy wreck. Moving to a new city with nothing to myContinue reading “Success is Just a Story (Until It Happens to You)”