Shameless Self-Promotion Time!

I have had a rough few weeks. I’m vacating my apartment by the 31st, still don’t have a real job, and I’m seriously contemplating moving to Denver for my next big adventure. Which, obviously, I will let you guys in on all the details.

However, I have some awesome author stuff to announce.

One: I have uploaded the first three chapters of The Midnight Tide onto Authonomy. I will slowly add more chapters until the completed work is up for everyone’s perusal. Have a read here.

Two: I have officially purchased my domain! I originally had it free from Weebly but I no longer can stand that dumb thing attached to my name. So, now it is simply Isn’t it a beauty?

As soon as I get everything packed and my cats sorted and my apartment cleaned, I will be much more punctual on updates/writing/being a productive citizen. And maybe (just maybe) I’ll be writing these posts in a whole new city.

Fingers crossed!


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