I Wanna Taste the Breeze (In Every Great City)

Today, I have officially purchased my tickets. I’m heading to Denver in a week’s time.

I am simultaneously terrified and excited. I’ve been inundated with wanderlust for some time now, an endless itch beneath my skin. It’s not so much  the desire to escape, but to see things I have yet to see. I’ve remained in safety my whole life, always down the road from my family (whether that’s 30 minutes or two hours). I had my first taste of different air when I studied abroad in England. I was instantly hooked, and now my next fix is only days away.

So, I’m in the process of packing my bags, which is more daunting that I expected. My cats are hanging out with my parents at the moment until I have a better idea how permanent the move is. It’s a matter of the securing the job, applying to PhD programs, and hoping that my lungs are satisfied for the time being.

I’m not ready to rest quite yet. We’ll see if my feet feel the same.

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