Catching Up & Falling Back

This year has not been a year for the creative. Between the the dumpster fire that is the political landscape, finishing renovations on a house, and preparing for my wedding, it’s been chaos and craziness all year. I wish I could say I was at least able to write in the downtime, but that isContinue reading “Catching Up & Falling Back”

Guidelines and Deadlines

Have you ever been so stressed out that it stresses you out that you’re stressed? My work just dropped a huge bomb on the staff, basically changing the nature of our jobs and increasing out workload under the guise of “making your jobs easier and more efficient.” My job has gone from one clear purposeContinue reading “Guidelines and Deadlines”

memos to me

I’m trying to organize my life. It’s going rather poorly. I’m trying to write every day. I’m failing rather spectacularly. How is it that I can sit and plan and write reminders and yet hours/days/weeks will pass and I have yet to strike through one thing on my to-do list? Writing feels as naturally asContinue reading “memos to me”