I recently only had $13 in my bank account. I say recently because, upon looking it up and my eyes going wide with horror, I shoved over $90 from my savings and to prop up my checking account into something that wouldn’t make me hyperventilate. I’ve never been the best budgeter (my ADHD seriously hinders … More Indebted


The future has been a place I’ve always been running towards but never was able to see it clearly. Beau and I were talking finances the other day, and it become quite clear that, even though I signed up for my work’s 401k and other benefits, I knew nothing about them. I didn’t even know … More Adulting

Finding Home

It’s official. The beau and I have moved into our new place. Right now, it’s a cluttered mess of boxes and bags as we sort through everything, from cutlery to pillows to whatever that weird Buddha statue thing is. We spent more money this weekend than I ever thought possible, and yet it seems like … More Finding Home


The beau and I are getting a house! He and I have been talking about moving in together for some time, and while we’ve been sorting out our finances, we’ve started looking around for properties to rent. We were hoping to move in March when I found the most perfect house in the history of … More Yours-Mine-And