Picking Out Curtains on a Budget

So I’ve been in Denver for two weeks now. I’ve been in my house for one. It’s small, old, and facing a huge park that features two ponds and a lot of geese. I’ve been getting used to the thinner air and the hardwood floors, had some delicious beer and some good times.

That being said, I’d rather not be unemployed.

I had an interview on Friday, which I thought went really well. We had great rapport, they seemed very pleased with my responses, and I had some very good questions for them. They said they would call me early this week. It’s Tuesday and I’m sitting on my hands to keep from chewing my nails down to the cuticle. I at least have a nice bubble in my bank account to tide me over for a little while, but it’s not going to last forever. The boredom is the worst though. I watched all of New Girl in two days and am working through Supernatural season 8 before the next season premieres in October. I can’t keep going out to eat, so there’s a lot of granola in my days.

On the bright side, I might be getting a volunteer position at a domestic violence shelter and I’ve sent out eight more query letters. I even managed to write! It’s been a long time since my muse did anything other than sulk in a corner, but even a short gain of a thousand words felt like a real accomplishment.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my wallet (mostly) closed.

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