Oh! Happy Day!

I have had my very first article published in The Mary Sue. That’s right, The Mary Sue. Be still my fangirling heart. I was lucky enough to talk about what I love most: media representation, geeky TV shows, and queerness. So, I say go forth and read about awesomeness. I Kissed A Girl and DeniedContinue reading “Oh! Happy Day!”

the history of the universe is a love story

He began his new life standing up, surrounded by darkness. But, that is not where this story begins. It begins with bird and a star. A bird whose songs caused willows to weep. Its voice rang through dusk and the dawn and all who heard were made beautiful. A star who burned brighter than anyContinue reading “the history of the universe is a love story”


Everything is falling apart. That’s what they’re saying, as corporations break apart and billionaires find their vaults have been emptied – as priests and preachers are pulled from their pulpits for demanding the deportation of God (He was wearing a face they didn’t recognize) – as the police are disbanded by children wearing flowers in theirContinue reading “Revolution”

Cream, Two Sugars

She has held corporations in the palm of her hand and refused dinner with the most powerful of men. They end up across the conference table, hands shaking as they attempt to sip their coffee, as strong and black as they thought themselves to be. She prefers hers laced with sugar and cream, every bitContinue reading “Cream, Two Sugars”

Twenty twenty twenty four hours ago

I have to have music playing. There’s something about silence that can be wonderful. A gorgeous stillness that rings like a bell inside your chest. The kind that speaks so you don’t have to. But that kind of silence is a rare thing. Most of the time, silence to me screams of boredom. It fillsContinue reading “Twenty twenty twenty four hours ago”

An exercise in trying

One of the things that I advertise about myself is that I’m always late. It’s not for any particular reason; it’s just because of who I am as a person. Along with that lateness, hand in hand really, is procrastination. I get so easily distracted – I’m the human personification of a Buzzfeed video. MyContinue reading “An exercise in trying”