The girl placed her hand against the mirror and began to push – push as if she could shatter her way through the looking glass and into another world. Stop this, the other girl begged, her face staring in reverse, her hand pressing against an identical palm with just as much force, stop this – you … More Mirror

Hit Record

I’ve been looking into expanding my art. Most people probably don’t consider what I do “art.” I’m just a writer, right? Well, bullshit on that. I create through splatters of words and handfuls of commas and brushstrokes of backstory, so yes, in the end, I am an artist. Something I’ve always loved is film. When I … More Hit Record


If you love gritty crime drama and badass ladies taking care of fucking business, then this is the book for you. Judith “Katherine Kinneavy is an NYPD homicide detective with a drinking problem, an Irish temper and an unflagging commitment to any case she’s assigned. Wendell Roane is an ambitious crime reporter specializing in stories … More Judith


The phone is ringing and she answers “Hello?” The pre-recorded voice congratulating her on her free cruise to the Bahamas is the first voice she’s heard since the end of the world. She hangs up mid-sentence.

Oh! Happy Day!

I have had my very first article published in The Mary Sue. That’s right, The Mary Sue. Be still my fangirling heart. I was lucky enough to talk about what I love most: media representation, geeky TV shows, and queerness. So, I say go forth and read about awesomeness. I Kissed A Girl and Denied … More Oh! Happy Day!