Back to School Again

So I went ahead and decided to drop loot on a Creative Writing class at the local community college.

I figure, maybe some education might be nice? Considering my undergrad was in forensic science and I spent more time in a lab than anything.

I think it’s interesting how the arts seem to tilt towards talent rather than hard work. Obviously, having talent at a thing helps when doing the thing. This is why I’m terrible at gardening. However, when I study and research and practice, I become less terrible. Which is why I now have a healthy herb garden growing in my house rather than a graveyard of wilted leaves.

The arts are much the same. It helps to be talented at writing, acting, singing, dancing, what have you, and certainly people can argue that having no talent means that it’s not meant for you. But, I think that argument undermines the importance of education and hard work. Effort makes a difference. Learning the craft makes a difference.

Of course, maybe I’m touting this up since I paid for this class out of pocket and it better be worth the $435 I just dropped.

But hey, no crippling financial pain – no no vague possibility of unlikely gain. That’s the millennial motto.

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