Hit Record

I’ve been looking into expanding my art.

Most people probably don’t consider what I do “art.” I’m just a writer, right? Well, bullshit on that. I create through splatters of words and handfuls of commas and brushstrokes of backstory, so yes, in the end, I am an artist.

Something I’ve always loved is film. When I got my first opportunity to act on film, it was one of the best experiences of my acting career. I’ve been dying to continue, but my schedule (evenings) really isn’t conducive to getting back out there.

So, I’m thinking of expanding my creative work into film. Not just script-writing (though definitely some of that), but also learning film itself, like stop-motion or music videos or even terrible animation.

In order to do that, I need to figure out where my camera is (my DSLR that I bought and used maybe once) and then ACTUALLY GO DO THE THING.

Procrastination. It’s part of my performance piece.

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