An exercise in trying

One of the things that I advertise about myself is that I’m always late. It’s not for any particular reason; it’s just because of who I am as a person.

Along with that lateness, hand in hand really, is procrastination.

I get so easily distracted – I’m the human personification of a Buzzfeed video. My attention zips from thing to thing, a flash of something here, a glimmer of interest there. And, when it comes to writing, I adore the wonder and marvel of world-building, creating spaces and working out backstory and detailing characters. But, when it comes to the bones of it, the meat of sitting down and typing it out…

Let’s just say, I’m usually starving.

So, I’ve come across a lovely little list: 365 days of writing prompts. I may be 25 days late (typical) but I’m going to sit down and try my damnedest, whether I do or do not.

Because, while there may be no “try,” we all have to start somewhere.

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