A new year hovers just before us. I have never been very interested in New Year’s resolutions. As it is, resolutions are usually diet fads that usually fade away before Valentine’s Day (as well they should because fatphobia is gross). But, for me, I like the resolution that’s less like a promise and more likeContinue reading “Resolve”

The Definition of Resolution

res·o·lute ˈrezəˌlo͞ot/ adjective admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. “she was resolute and unswerving” I have never been interested in New Year’s resolutions. They always seemed like empty promises that were broken by the month’s end. They always seem to have something to do with losing weight or eating less dessert, and very little about beingContinue reading “The Definition of Resolution”

Another Year Over (A New One’s Just Begun)

For the upcoming New Year, it is traditional to come up with a set of resolutions, and it is even more traditional to ignore them after the first few weeks of January. I decided to compose my own list of actually achievable goals (and no, weight loss is not one of them). 1. Enjoy moreContinue reading “Another Year Over (A New One’s Just Begun)”