A new year hovers just before us.

I have never been very interested in New Year’s resolutions. As it is, resolutions are usually diet fads that usually fade away before Valentine’s Day (as well they should because fatphobia is gross).

But, for me, I like the resolution that’s less like a promise and more like a step. Because, if I end up not fulfilling a resolution, it’s not a failure. It’s not because I didn’t try enough. Maybe I skipped a step. Or stepped sideways. Or realized that I didn’t want to go along that path after all.

Some steps to take:

Read more.

Write more.

Get rid of the clutter (your closet doesn’t deserve this).

Drink more water.

Be less sarcastic when you could be nice instead.

Take more walks.

Go camping.

See old friends.

Make your bed everyday.

Paint your nails sometimes.

Don’t hate yourself for eating pie (pie is delicious).

Give more affection.

Take less shit.

And, most of all, if you find yourself unsure where to step, just make sure it’s a step forward.


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