The Harris-Benedict Principle

the walls are faded with dreams she could never quite let go her bed sprawled with pale limbs and whispers in the dark sodium stains on her pillow-she flips it over, a blank slate echoes rattle in the cavernous space between costal grooves she ignores it in favor of the quadratic curve of her stomachContinue reading “The Harris-Benedict Principle”


The girl placed her hand against the mirror and began to push – push as if she could shatter her way through the looking glass and into another world. Stop this, the other girl begged, her face staring in reverse, her hand pressing against an identical palm with just as much force, stop this – youContinue reading “Mirror”

Going Back to Basics

I finished my first novel about two years ago. I had a professional editor look at it, cried as I cut away the fat, and trimmed it up to a respectable manuscript. Then, I started vying for literary agents, presenting my lovely novel with my first query letter, then a shiny new improved one whenContinue reading “Going Back to Basics”

Hit Record

I’ve been looking into expanding my art. Most people probably don’t consider what I do “art.” I’m just a writer, right? Well, bullshit on that. I create through splatters of words and handfuls of commas and brushstrokes of backstory, so yes, in the end, I am an artist. Something I’ve always loved is film. When IContinue reading “Hit Record”


If you love gritty crime drama and badass ladies taking care of fucking business, then this is the book for you. Judith “Katherine Kinneavy is an NYPD homicide detective with a drinking problem, an Irish temper and an unflagging commitment to any case she’s assigned. Wendell Roane is an ambitious crime reporter specializing in storiesContinue reading “Judith”

Magic Never Grows Up

I have finally returned to my life after spending a week in the most magical place on earth. Disneyworld is still as amazing as I remember. Sure, the miles and miles of walking on concrete, the crowds that press in too close, and the screaming of children were certainly not my favorite things. But, IContinue reading “Magic Never Grows Up”