Magic Never Grows Up

I have finally returned to my life after spending a week in the most magical place on earth.

Disneyworld is still as amazing as I remember. Sure, the miles and miles of walking on concrete, the crowds that press in too close, and the screaming of children were certainly not my favorite things. But, I got to see my 18 month old niece meet Mickey Mouse for the first time. She blew kisses to Princess Ariel and high-fived Peter Pan. I got to see my sister get engaged, complete with “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate and her bursting into tears.

My littlest sister and I had quite a journey through Epcot, doing our best to drink around the world. I haven’t had that many shots in a long time.

Despite my pained feet and crippling hangover, I marveled along with the youngest child as fireworks painted the sky above Cinderella’s castle. Some things just never grow old and, in some ways, we never grow up.


Published by Ren Martinez

Ren is a thirty-something Lost Boy whose personal aesthetic is “suspected of witchcraft by local villagers.” She subscribes to cheerful nihilism, the destruction of the patriarchy, and the belief that glitter makes everything better. She is a Richmond-based writer and performer who has fiction and non-fiction work found in a variety of publications, such as The Mary Sue, RVA Magazine, The Quotable, and Nostrovia Press. She is currently the fiction editor and a regular contributor at Quail Bell Magazine. She is also the co-host of the podcast, This F***ing Guy! Find out more at or read her dumbass tweets on Twitter @itsrenmartinez

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