To Cut (Synonym: To Carve)

There’s something to be said about a routine.

I’ve been going through some significant life changes as of recent (see previous post for details) and that’s seriously knocked me off my writing schedule. I used to have an hour blocked out every day to try and get these words out. Now, between work and living at home and the beau and the gym and everything, it’s been weeks since I’ve really put anything on paper. Most of these blog posts I’ve managed during breaks at work.

My stories are stagnating inside me; I can feel their edges curl up like wilting leaves.

As April continues, all I can hope is that things will settles – that I’ll have a schedule in place where I can finally carve out that time to sit down, stare at my screen, and let these words out.

It’s like excising wounds. I have to cut myself open in order for the healing to begin.

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