Being Poor (Together)

It’s amazing how expensive moving in is.

The last week has been an exercise in sorting boxes and trying to do basic things (open a package, cook in the crock pot) and realizing “Oh shit, we do not have this super necessary thing.” Then it’s running out to buy that necessary thing and seeing three other things that we probably need.

And, then crying into my poor, destroyed budget.

It’s also expensive when you have literally zero furniture and have to be a straight Craiglist ninja and score the best possible deal of all deals. I got our entire dining room and living room furnished for $120. I’m the Craigslist Queen.

Bow down, minions.

It’s amazing how everything’s falling into place. Our nighttime routines sort of slotted together without fuss; we stand next to each other doing dishes as if we’ve done it for years. It’s all so new and yet feels like the most natural of things.

My bank account may be suffering, but I’m celebrating anyway.

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