It’s Been Awhile

My life has been gloriously hectic, rather than unfortunately relaxing. My bout of unemployment has officially ended and I’m back to work, for which I’m grateful. As each day passed, resume after resume being sent and my bank account dwindling slowly, drop by drop, my anxiety grew to unbearable levels. Getting the job was a sigh of relief, even if it’s an overnight gig.

I’m a night owl, anyway.

The other piece of news is that I’m currently working on an independent horror-comedy film. It’s about a group of coworkers that go on a team-building exercise, only to discover that the house they’re visiting (a not-at-all ominous Suicide House) unleashes the homicidal rage they’ve been building inside their cubicles for years. My character, Smoke, is stoic and sassy and cannot believe the idiocy of the people around her. Will she live???? Can’t tell: spoilers.

This is the first film I’ve ever worked on and it’s been a wonderful learning curve. Acting on camera is very different than stage, where every flicker of emotion is captured, even the tiniest curl of the lip or flutter of eyelashes. Stage tends to be exaggerated, not to ridiculous levels, but heightened so that the audience all the way in the back of the house can connect and react to what your feeling. It’s also nice that if something goes wrong, the director can yell “Cut!” and the scene starts again.

My life was a shaky there for awhile. But, my feet are settled beneath me again and I’m ready to run with it.

(For those interested in the film, here are some useful links!)

“Bowling Might Have Been a Good Idea” Facebook and IndieGoGo


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