I believe introductions are in order

I have no one reading these yet so it’s weird knowing that I’m essentially writing to myself but here goes:

My name is Lauren Kolozak. I’m twenty-ish (emphasis on the ish) and I’m currently in grad school studying something highly intellectual and startlingly difficult. I prefer Harry Potter to Hunger Games and can quote the movie Dune entirely from memory. I keep forgetting to exercise but I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like. And, on top of working full time to feed myself and wrapping up my master’s degree, I write.

(I also sing and act too, but that’s for another day.)

Mostly, I write and overuse commas and end up having to cut the fat from my prose. My personal philosophy is always write stories you want to read, and that’s what I do. These are the stories I always wanted and couldn’t find because they were buried like treasure inside of me.

So, this is my great experiment, a historical document as it were. I will chronicle my journey to best-selling author (and first American companion on Doctor Who) and hopefully (hopefully) someone will love these stories as much as I do.

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