Quail Bell

I am a regular contributor for Quail Bell Magazine, a lovely little space for the strange and fantastical. Here are my pieces as they currently stand.

Southern Trees

There’s a saying in my family: you can’t outrun your ghosts.

The Easter Gospel According to a Witch

My fall from Catholicism was less like a stone plummeting from a cliff and more like a feather floating.


Oh. Hello.

The Laws of Motion

This isn’t a costume party, and Misfortune doesn’t bother wearing a mask.

Every Little Thing She Does

The bell rings over the shop door, immediately followed by the sound of Kizzy’s head smacking into the counter.

Sparks, Rainbow Waterfalls, and Invisible Closets: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Coming Out

I never realized I needed to come out of the closet. For most of my life, I didn’t even realize there was a closet.

Prisoners of War

I sent her to a hospital on a Saturday night.

Following the Moon

Let me begin by stating aloud that I, in fact, do believe in astrology. However, I also believe that astrology is bullshit.

For Amelia

She was days away from ruling the world.

This Town

My life has been a series of increasingly successful efforts to live in a pop punk song.

Chasing Summits with Annie Peck

There likely isn’t a woman in history that gave as few fucks as Annie Smith Peck.

A Pop Culture Story as Told by Twitter

Most of the time, Twitter is the bastion of cat pictures and five-minute internet memes. Other times, it becomes a gladiator pit, featuring a battle with much larger implications.

The Girl In Blue

The headstone stands outside the cluster of the cemetery, alone beneath a cedar tree.

Freaks Like Us

Peter first laid eyes on Billy Fraser in the middle of the LEGO aisle at Toys R’ Us

Daughter of the Moon

It was the night before the full moon and Sora was tucked into a ball in her closet, whispering prayers against her knees.

Hometown Heroes

The video was grainy, but the picture was clear.

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